Now that students have returned to in-person learning, schools are saddled with the responsibility of properly managing and disposing of e-cigarette products. This is no easy burden, and some schools have started to ask if “vape drop boxes” have a role to play in addressing the e-cigarette epidemic. This webinar, “E-Cigarette Collection and Disposal in Schools: ABCs and FAQs,” presented by GHEA and the Public Health Law Center, discussed the hazardous waste status of e-cigarettes and the potential dangers of “vape drop boxes,” as well as highlighted some local and state efforts being pursued in Colorado, Utah and California and discussed best practices that schools (and other public entities) can adopt to handle and regulate these products.


  • Kyra Hill, J.D., Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
  • Terry Rousey, Youth Tobacco Policy Specialist, State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership, Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment

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