Update: The 2020 Geographic Surveillance Learning Collaborative has concluded! We will be announcing our next iteration in early 2021. If you have any questions about this opportunity, or are interested in participating in a future collaborative, please contact us at ghea@cadca.org.

The Geographic Health Equity Alliance and Counter Tools are excited to announce the inaugural Geographic Surveillance Learning Collaborative for National Tobacco Control and Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs. This annual collaborative offers a formal opportunity to network with a small group of peers across multiple states and is designed to help tobacco and cancer control programs develop an understanding of how participating states develop and maintain their statewide geographic surveillance systems, understand how states use geographic surveillance in program planning and communications efforts supporting tobacco and cancer control goals and objectives and identify best practices for successful collaboration between statewide cancer and tobacco control surveillance efforts.

In order to participate, we expect you to:  

  1. Establish a three-person team consisting of a statewide representative from each of the following fields: (1) tobacco control, (2) comprehensive cancer control and (3) epidemiology or related field that handles the development of statewide geospatial tools.
  2. Participate in a one-hour kick-off meeting and four two-hour monthly peer-to-peer learning sessions via video conference. Sessions will be scheduled based on the widest availability of collaborative members, and all sessions will be recorded.
  3. Collaborate across departments (tobacco control, comprehensive cancer and epidemiology) to create and present a 40-minute overview of your state’s geographic surveillance systems and ways you have used them to support communications and policy efforts.
  4. Provide feedback for the development of a best practices guide and assist with dissemination.