The Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partnership has developed a series of Cancer Plan Tip Sheets available to help Comprehensive Cancer Control (CCC) program staff, coalition staff and volunteers to update their cancer plans. There are currently five Tip Sheets available on the American Cancer Society CCC technical assistance website. Each tip sheet focuses on a specific topic, such as colorectal cancer screening, HPV vaccination or healthy behaviors for cancer survivors. Earlier this year, a new Tip Sheet for Health Equity was published which outlines steps to help address health equity when revising cancer plans.

Download the Health Equity Tip Sheet

The Health Equity Tip Sheet highlights the CDC’s promotion for the health equity lens in cancer control planning, implementation and evaluation. CCC stakeholders are encouraged by the CDC to prioritize populations that endure a higher burden of cancer incidence, long-term or late effects or mortality compared to the general population. Health equity is important to ensure every person has the opportunity to attain their full health potential. 

Overview of Tips for Using a Health Equity Lens 

  1.  Use Inclusive Terminology 
  2.  Engage With Key Stakeholders 
  3.  Use Data to Prioritize Action Plans 
  4.  Align With National Goals  
  5.  Go Upstream 
  6.  Use a Combination of Evidence-Based Initiatives to Maximize Intended Change 
  7.  Evaluate Strategies Through a Health Equity Lens 

Check out the Health Equity Tip Sheet for the full explanation and details for each tip. The Tip Sheet also includes an easy-to-use worksheet to ensure that each CCC objective is advancing health equity, as well as additional health equity Resources. 

Other Tip Sheets in the Series