The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has compiled a collection of resources on rural and tribal communities and health. The resources focus on rural communities and helping them to achieve better health for all by highlighting a variety of topics and their connection to health. Topics include economic development, rural leadership and prioritizing community needs. 

One resource focuses on rural leadership and its role in advancing health equity. To advance health equity in America, there must be leaders that represent all communities, including rural. The RWJF found in their research that the most effective rural leadership comes from rural communities. Yet, rural leaders feel isolated and don’t have the same access to leadership development programs that leaders from urban communities do.  

Another resource highlights the importance of including rural to advance health equity throughout America. The author shares their story of growing up in Tennessee and the importance of relationships to community development as well as to improving the mental and physical health of residents in rural areas. From their work with RWJF, the author shares lessons learned about advancing equity and opportunity in rural communities, such as the importance of working with community-based organizations.  

The Collection Includes:  

  • Briefs 
  • Reports  
  • Blog Posts 
  • News Releases  

Access the collection of resources on the RWJF website. You can search the collection by topic or content type.