GHEA Takes a Look Back at 2021

As we near the end of 2021, GHEA wishes you a happy holiday season and New Year. Thank you all for your dedication to making our country a healthier place for everyone, regardless of their location. Our feature article this month is a recap of the programs and resources we’ve developed with all our wonderful network partners throughout the year.

New Tobacco Control Guide to Help Put Evidence into Practice

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health has published a new Best Practices User Guide, “Putting Evidence into Practice in Tobacco Prevention and Control,” in partnership with the Center for Public Health Systems Science. This User Guide is designed to help programs share information about effective ways to reduce commercial tobacco use and put new or improved tobacco control interventions into practice.

Webinar Recording Available: E-Cigarette Collection and Disposal in Schools

GHEA and the Public Health Law Center recently presented “E-Cigarette Collection and Disposal in Schools: ABCs and FAQs.” This webinar discussed the hazardous waste status of e-cigarettes, highlighted current local and state efforts, and shared best practices that schools (and other public entities) can adopt to handle and regulate these products.

E-Cigarette Instagram Posts and Their Youth Appeal

Dr. Jordan Alpert presents “E-Cigarette Instagram Posts and Their Youth Appeal,” a webinar recording and accompanying article on the characteristics of popular social media posts related to electronic cigarettes on Instagram. Dr. Alpert shares the implications his research findings have for public health programs addressing media literacy skills to educate young adults about electronic cigarette content viewed on social media.

GHEA Receives Supplemental Funding to Support State Tobacco-Control Programs

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health has awarded supplemental funding to GHEA and the seven other National Networks to promote health equity and reduce commercial-tobacco-related health disparities.

Banning Menthol and Other Flavored Tobacco: Now is the Time!

Michael Scott from The Center for Black Health & Equity presents “Banning Menthol and Other Flavored Tobacco: Now is the Time!” This presentation provides an overview of how Big Tobacco continues to target menthol/flavored tobacco to African American and other priority populations and shares how you can initiate or support menthol flavor bans in your community.

Tobacco Control and Health Equity Sessions at CADCA’s Upcoming Mid-Year Training Institute

CADCA’s 20th Annual Mid-Year Training Institute will be held virtually from July 9-15, 2021 and will offer 100+ sophisticated training sessions and workshops related to substance use and misuse prevention and more. GHEA has worked closely with experts in the field to curate workshops that are relevant for tobacco-prevention and control professionals.

Equitable Policy Making in Commercial Tobacco Control

Derek Carr, J.D., and Jessica Breslin, J.D., from ChangeLab Solutions present “Equitable Policymaking in Commercial Tobacco Control.” This presentation addresses the importance and need for applying a health equity framework in every step of the policymaking and implementation process. It requires not only working to reduce tobacco-related health disparities, but also moving further upstream to address the social and structural determinants—the root causes—of tobacco use and poor health.

Tobacco Retailer Licensing Considerations for Rural Communities

In the United States, rates of tobacco use are higher in rural than urban populations, yet rural communities often lack the tobacco control policy coverage present in more urban areas. While there are several reasons why policy adoption may be more challenging in rural areas, some rural communities have found success with local-level tobacco control policies.