The Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA) partnered with SelfMade Health Network and Nuestras Voces Adelante Network to host a four-part webinar series titled “Upstream Approaches in Cancer Prevention.” This series focused on policy, systems, and environmental change strategies that address upstream social determinants of health that contribute to an increased cancer burden. It focused on HPV vaccination, broadband access, food and nutritional security and the built environment.

On April 18th, Heather Latino from Harvad Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic and Meghana Sai Iragavarapu from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health hosted part 3 of this series with a webinar titled “Integrating Nutrition and Healthcare: The Essentials of the Food is Medicine Initiative.” The panelists addressed how Food is Medicine (FIM) bridges the gap between our healthcare and food system, emphasizing the crucial role of nutritious food in preventing and managing chronic illnesses and enhancing overall health. This presentation defined the Food is Medicine approach, detailing its practical applications, benefits, and the funding strategies supporting these programs across the country.

The webinar recording is available here, and the slides are available here.