In celebration of their 10th year of No Menthol Sunday, The Center for Black Health and Equity has released their No Menthol Sunday 2024 toolkit. No Menthol Sunday will take place on May 19th, 2024 and is the Center’s annual call to action highlighting the detrimental impact commercial tobacco has on Black communities. Hundreds of churches across the nation participate in No Menthol Sunday, a day which engages faith leaders to educate congregants about smoking, vaping, and the role of menthol and other flavors in initiating commercial tobacco addiction. No Menthol Sunday is also a time to support policy change at the national and local levels. No Menthol Sunday encourages involvement in advocacy efforts to ban the sale of mentholated products locally and to support the ban of menthol at the federal level.

The Center’s 2024 toolkit highlights their efforts, wins and challenges, and the next steps to protect Black communities from the predatory tactics of the commercial tobacco industry. The toolkit contains:

  • Rebuttals to key arguments and debunking myths about menthol
  • Menthol fact sheet
  • Community benefits to removing menthol
  • Commercial tobacco industry’s predatory tactics fact sheet
  • The Health Justice Guide: From Tobacco Addiction to Community Empowerment includes in-depth, practical instruction on how to use a community model to effect policy change
  • Sample sermon topics and presentations for faith leaders to use on No Menthol Sunday

The Center has also released a resource page that contains social media graphics and captions as well as posters to promote No Menthol Sunday in your community.

To plan, pledge and/or participate in No Menthol Sunday or to learn more about the detrimental effects menthol has on Black communities, visit