CADCA’s Evaluation and Research Team and the Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA) partnered with Counter Tools to present this month’s installment of Research Into Action focusing on tobacco retail licensing as a viable strategy to reduce youth e-cigarette use. Dr. Jessica Barrington-Trimis discussed her article entitled “Tobacco Retail Licensing and Youth Product Use”, which was published in 2019 in Pediatrics. This article presents her and her colleagues’ findings regarding the effect of strong tobacco retail licensing (TRL) ordinances on rates of cigarette and e-cigarette use among youth. The authors compared 30 day use and ever use data and rates of initiation in jurisdictions with strong TRL policies with data from jurisdictions with weak or no TRL policies and found that youth in jurisdictions with strong TRL policies were less likely to initiate e-cigarette use or other tobacco use than youth in jurisdictions with weak or no TRL policies. Dr. Barrington-Trimis also discussed what makes a TRL ordinance “strong” and how coalitions can advocate for changes in TRL in their communities.

You can find more information about this webinar or past webinars on the CADCA website.

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