Webinar Recording Available: Using Local Momentum to Drive State and Federal Policy Change

Assessing local policy change through case studies helps identify lessons learned and keys to success, which can help set the stage for state or national change. GHEA and Counter Tools bring together leaders from the tobacco control field to share insights on how steadfast work at the local level helped to drive policy change across the country.

Webinar Recording Available: Youth Indoor and Outdoor Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Aerosol

GHEA and CADCA’s Evaluation and Research Team presented August's installment of Research Into Action webinar series featuring Dr. Samantha Puvanesarajah and Michael Tynan, MPH, from CDC's Office on Smoking and Health, who discussed findings from their latest study on youth indoor and outdoor exposure to secondhand smoke and aerosol.

GHEA’s Summer Webinar Series – Register Today!

With summer in full swing, the Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA) is highlighting two exciting webinar series that we don’t want you to miss out on. We invite you to join us for our upcoming tobacco- and cancer- prevention and control webinars and watch the recordings of the archived webinars.

National Network Resources for Special Populations

Every month, the Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA) aggregates upcoming webinars, events and other resources hosted by the CDC-funded National Networks. This page is updated regularly throughout the month.

Upcoming Local Control Webinar Series – Register Today!

Local governments are on the front lines of adopting laws and policies that have the potential to improve health outcomes and reduce inequities. CADCA’s Geographic Health Equity Alliance, in collaboration with Counter Tools, is hosting a three-part webinar series to equip attendees with an understanding of why local policy solutions are so important, lessons learned from local policy implementation efforts and innovative policy strategies built at the local-level. Register today!

Webinar Recording Available: Defining and Describing Rural Communities in Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning

GHEA and the University of Iowa’s Advancing Cancer and Rural Equity Lab hosted "Defining and Describing Rural Communities in Comprehensive Cancer Control Planning" on June 7, 2022. This webinar focused on how rural is commonly defined, what data sources are available to describe the rural cancer burden and cancer risk factors to incorporate into comprehensive cancer control plans.

Getting to Know Truth: Resources for Inspiring Lives Free from Smoking, Vaping and Nicotine

In an early celebration of World No Tobacco Day 2022, CADCA’s Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA) partnered with the Truth Initiative to present “Getting to Know Truth: Resources for Inspiring Lives Free from Smoking, Vaping and Nicotine” on May 25th, 2022. This webinar introduced participants to free resources that are available via the Truth Initiative. These resources included the truth® campaign and its evaluation; Vaping: Know the Truth (a vaping prevention program); This is Quitting (a text message based vaping cessation program for youth and young adults); and community, and youth engagement programs.

Strategies to Include Rural in Cancer Control Plans (An Upcoming Webinar Series)

April marks National Cancer Control Month, a time to re-affirm our awareness of and commitment to cancer control activities. The need for rural-specific cancer prevention and control activities have been increasingly emphasized in recent years, with national recommendations focusing on reducing rural cancer mortality disparities. Learn more about our upcoming webinar series on how comprehensive cancer control plans can meaningfully include rural health in their program planning processes among states, tribal organizations and territories.

Webinar Recording Available: Youth Led Efforts – Current Trends of E-Cig & Tobacco

A panel of experts from CDC's National Networks present “Community Lead Efforts: Current Trends of E-Cig/ Vaping & Youth Elevating the Movement Towards Health Equity for All.” This webinar discusses how to approach tobacco and e-cigarette use through youth engagement and strategies that affect special populations across the nation through a lens of racial, ethnic, geographic and social health equity.

CDC Releases New Data for the 2021 PLACES Project

CDC recently announced the release of new data for their PLACES project. PLACES allows counties, communities and local health departments, regardless of population size and urban-rural status, to better understand the burden and geographic distribution of health-related outcomes in their jurisdictions and assists them in planning public health interventions.

GHEA Takes a Look Back at 2021

As we near the end of 2021, GHEA wishes you a happy holiday season and New Year. Thank you all for your dedication to making our country a healthier place for everyone, regardless of their location. Our feature article this month is a recap of the programs and resources we’ve developed with all our wonderful network partners throughout the year.

Webinar Recording Available: E-Cigarette Collection and Disposal in Schools

GHEA and the Public Health Law Center recently presented “E-Cigarette Collection and Disposal in Schools: ABCs and FAQs.” This webinar discussed the hazardous waste status of e-cigarettes, highlighted current local and state efforts, and shared best practices that schools (and other public entities) can adopt to handle and regulate these products.