We at the Geographic Health Equity Alliance and CADCA wish you and your community a happy holiday season and New Year. We also want to thank all the wonderful partners that have supported our work to advance health equity for everyone–regardless of their location.

Our feature article this month is a recap of these programs and resources we’ve developed throughout the year.

Here’s a Recap of our 2021 Programs and Resources:

Learning Collaboratives

As a CDC-funded National Network, this year we hosted two year-long public health learning collaboratives for state National Tobacco Control and Comprehensive Cancer Control Programs. These are our Geographic Surveillance Learning Collaborative and our Tri-Network HPV Vaccination Learning Collaborative. Both of these collaboratives are offered annually to state programs, and we encourage you to apply in 2022.

Webinars and Virtual Trainings

This year, we were fortunate to offer a wide range of webinars and virtual trainings on important and trending topics to keep you current on research findings and resources relevant to your public health work. Below is our list of resources from 2021 – for all of our webinar and training recordings, visit CADCA’s YouTube page or our Resources Page.

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