Webinar Recording Available: Using Local Momentum to Drive State and Federal Policy Change

Assessing local policy change through case studies helps identify lessons learned and keys to success, which can help set the stage for state or national change. GHEA and Counter Tools bring together leaders from the tobacco control field to share insights on how steadfast work at the local level helped to drive policy change across the country.

GHEA’s Summer Webinar Series – Register Today!

With summer in full swing, the Geographic Health Equity Alliance (GHEA) is highlighting two exciting webinar series that we don’t want you to miss out on. We invite you to join us for our upcoming tobacco- and cancer- prevention and control webinars and watch the recordings of the archived webinars.

A Resource Guide for Cancer Coalitions to Policy, Systems and Environmental Change

A new resource guide created by the Comprehensive Cancer Control National Partners provides models and tools to assist with planning and implementing policy, systems and environmental change activities.

Upcoming Local Control Webinar Series – Register Today!

Local governments are on the front lines of adopting laws and policies that have the potential to improve health outcomes and reduce inequities. CADCA’s Geographic Health Equity Alliance, in collaboration with Counter Tools, is hosting a three-part webinar series to equip attendees with an understanding of why local policy solutions are so important, lessons learned from local policy implementation efforts and innovative policy strategies built at the local-level. Register today!

Framing Tobacco Disparities: A Collection of Free Messaging Guides for Tobacco Prevention Staff and Partners

ChangeLab Solutions has recently released their collection of Framing Tobacco Disparities resources. These evidence-informed resources are intended to help tobacco prevention and control staff and their partners learn how to frame tobacco-related health disparities messages in ways that reduce racial biases and foster support for effective policy solutions.

Protecting Local Authority to Adopt Local Solutions

In community-based prevention, researchers and professionals have realized that the best solution for one community may not be the same for another. The best solution to address problems in a community often comes from the folks most heavily impacted. Laws and policies adopted at the local level are key to improving health outcomes and reducing inequities because they are community specific solutions.

The 2022 State of Tobacco Control: Celebrating 20 Years of Progress and Looking Ahead

The American Lung Association (ALA) recently released their 20th annual State of Tobacco Control report. The report highlights state and federal level progress in reducing commercial tobacco use with an emphasis on health disparities related to tobacco use.

Addressing the Off-Campus Tobacco Retail Environment to Enhance Tobacco Free Colleges

With many local and state smokefree laws not covering college or university campuses, these institutions have had to work hard to create smokefree environments on campus for their students and staff. The hard work doesn’t have to end there. Considering the off-campus retail environment in tobacco control efforts can be the perfect next step to further protecting the health of college students and their communities.

Legislative Briefs Highlighting Rural Health and Health Equity

The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) recently published two policy briefs on Health Equity and Rural Health for their Legislative Prospectus series. These briefs anticipate trends in public health law, summarize upcoming legislation proposals that impact public health and provide a short review to help bring readers up to speed in time for upcoming legislative sessions.

Webinar: Cancer, Obesity and Place

Join GHEA and Counter Tools for the “Cancer, Obesity and Place” webinar on Friday, June 25, from 1-2 pm EDT. This session will explain the connection between where we live, work and play and the impact it has on obesity, why this matters to cancer control programs and what policy options could help address these issues.

The 2021 State of Tobacco Control: Federal and State Government Evaluation

Earlier this year, the American Lung Association released its 19th annual "State of Tobacco Control" report. This report evaluates federal and state government’s tobacco control laws and policies and serves as a roadmap for what they can do to eliminate the death and disease caused by tobacco use.

The (Other) Dark Side of the Commercial Tobacco Industry

Kyra Hill, J.D., from the Public Health Law Center presents her 2021 National Leadership Forum session, “Tackling Tobacco Trash: How do we address tobacco product pollution?” The presentation addresses the commercial tobacco product pollution problem and discusses potential policy tools to tackle it.