Webinar: Youth Indoor and Outdoor Exposure to Secondhand Smoke and Aerosol

GHEA and CADCA’s Evaluation and Research Team presented August's installment of Research Into Action webinar series featuring Dr. Samantha Puvanesarajah and Michael Tynan, MPH, from CDC's Office on Smoking and Health, who discussed findings from their latest study on youth indoor and outdoor exposure to secondhand smoke and aerosol.

The 2021 State of Tobacco Control: Federal and State Government Evaluation

Earlier this year, the American Lung Association released its 19th annual "State of Tobacco Control" report. This report evaluates federal and state government’s tobacco control laws and policies and serves as a roadmap for what they can do to eliminate the death and disease caused by tobacco use.

Webinar: Health Communication Resources to Support Your Tobacco Control and Prevention Goals

GHEA partnered with the CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health to present “Health Communication Resources to Support Your Tobacco Control and Prevention Goals. This webinar discussed the role of health communications in supporting tobacco prevention and control goals and familiarized attendees with the resources available at CDC’s Media Campaign Resource Center.

Webinar: Perception of Harm from E-Cigarettes and Support for a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy

GHEA and CADCA’s Evaluation and Research Team presented January’s installment of Research Into Action, featuring Dr. Matthew Rossheim who discussed his latest study’s findings on perception of harm of secondhand exposure to e-cigarette emissions and support for tobacco-free campus policies among college students.

Secondhand Smoke Exposure: A Social Justice Issue

Many states and localities have adopted comprehensive smoke-free laws. However, there are over 58 million Americans still exposed to secondhand smoke today. A closer look at which communities are left unprotected reveals clear health inequities and points to a need for smoke-free protections for all as a strategy to advance social justice.

Southern Approaches to Tobacco Prevention/Secondhand Smoke Exposure

A quick look at the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANRF) map of smokefree protections for the United States reveals that there is much work to be done throughout the South. Lay that map over any demographic map of the United States and you will see layers of disparities.